Physical Offices

what makes our service special?

We offer unique functional design and every amenity needed for a productive workday.

We ensure that all your office resources are at your fingertips, so you can focus on your work.

Every place was designed for the comfort of our clients.

Private Offices Membership

Our private offices memberships offer a beautiful view to Brickell Ave., and partial ocean view. This option is perfect for people who want to improve their productivity and their focus. They can personalize their space and make it uniquely. This includes 24/7 access, all the furniture, some usage hours for the conference room, and more benefits.

Dedicated and Shared Desks

Our shared and dedicated desks are very spacious, and comfortable. This is the perfect option for small businesses to get work done. People can be connected with other individuals, save money, and increase their creativity. This service includes Wi-Fi with high-speed internet, some usage hours for our conferences rooms, and 24/7 access.


Our cubicles are semi private spaces. This space was designed for companies that want to work from an open space but with a greater sense of privacy. This space is very comfortable due to their large desk where our clients will feel like they are working from home. This service includes 24/7 access, some usage hours for the conference rooms, and more benefits.

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The area has a very professional and modern look, is spacious, well-lit, and includes a great view of Brickell Avenue and the ocean! The staff is friendly and willing to help at any given moment.

Fabian Alfonso

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