Conference Rooms

  • High-End conference rooms with stunning views
  • Technology is provided and included in price
  • State of the art furniture
  • Parking inside the building
  • Next day reservations
  • Functional spaces with views ideal for team work
  • Large screens, embedded outlets and HDMI, VGA, Audio, Ethernet connectors
Meeting Room starting at
  • Per hour
Conference Room starting at
  • Per hour

If you are looking for a space for your meetings, you don’t need to be a member to have access to our conference rooms. We offer affordable prices for non-members as well.

Our Conference room and meeting room are designed to provide the most professional ambience for your meetings. We offer a convenient and central location for your comfort and the comfort of your clients.

Easy to book, and easy to access since we are located in the heart of Brickell Ave. Send us your reservations by email, and we will confirm our availability as quickly as possible.