Frequently asked questions

What is Group Office Space?

  • Group Office Space is an amazingly located work environment that offers solutions for start-ups, entrepreneurs, small teams of large corporations, and freelancers who understand the business value of being located at Brickell and networking among the top businesses in South Florida.

Why is Group Office Space better than other options?

  • At Group Office Space you won’t have to sign a long term lease (Average Lease in Brickell is 5 years minimum and expensive).
  • You can start working immediately at an affordable cost.
  • You can upgrade to larger spaces as your company grows.
  • Our collaborative environment creates a place where business can continually network on a day-to-day basis.
  • All basic utilities are included, such as cleaning service, internet bills, electrical service, card access, and more.
  • No need to hire a receptionist that is expensive, highly trained bi-lingual Front Management to take care of your guests and customers.

What about the expensive parking costs at Brickell?

  • We provide options to park in our building at an affordable monthly cost.

Do I need to provide the furniture like in Traditional Office Rentals?

  • You don’t have to. We provide high-end designer furniture for you to work.
  • Of course you can bring your additional pieces to your private office if you choose.
  • We also have additional furniture available upon request.

What if I need a Receptionist?

  • We have a full-time bi-lingual receptionist available and on-site management staff who will take care of your needs
  • Mail is delivered daily to your desk and can be held at the reception desk for pick-up.
  • Receptionist is able to screen your calls made to your company’s phone number.  This includes  a personalized company’s greeting phrase that you provide.

What additional amenities do you offer?

  • Large and medium sized conference rooms  for your meetings, from 6 to 16 people
  • Complimentary coffee and tea
  • Lounge and kitchen with refrigerator and microwave.
  • Full-time bi-lingual receptionist to receive/transfer your calls, clients, and packages.
  • Reserved parking space in our parking garage with your company’s logo and name. This can add additional exposure to your business.
  • Incoming and outgoing mail management.
  • High speed color copier, printer, scanner.
  • High Definition LED televisions for video conferencing and outstanding presentations.

When Can I access my office?

  • 24/7. The building is always open, you can come to work anytime you choose.

I am worried about the privacy of my information and my business confidentiality.

  • We have Phone Booths to have private calls if you don’t have an office, we also offer semi-private offices at very affordable costs.

Ok I want to start, How do I start?

  • Call or visit our center, and we would be happy to take care of you.
  • Visit the Contact Us page to arrange a visit to our offices.

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